Anabaptist Beliefs

What do Anabaptists believe? What’s the source of their beliefs? And are they right?

Questions like these will be answered in the articles listed below. For an overview of Anabaptist beliefs, see the article on Who Are the Anabaptists?

Can Christians Do Violence?

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7), Jesus introduced a surprising teaching, one that is so unlike our natural human impulses that Christians have mostly ceased to follow it. Though Jesus taught against violence, and though the pre-Constantinian church continued to teach Jesus’ command, few Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, or Protestants consider Jesus’ command …

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Key Definitions

Some of the terms Anabaptists use aren’t familiar to non-Anabaptists. Also, some of the terms I’m using on this site aren’t widely understood. So this post is meant to include short, understandable definitions of the terms as I use them. If any of these definitions aren’t clear enough, please let me know. Terms Used by …

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Why Doctrine Comes from Scripture—Foundations for an Anabaptist View of Doctrinal Authority

As Christians, we believe some teachings to be true and others to be false. But how can we tell which is which? Where does true Christian doctrine come from, and can those doctrines change or develop? This article will answer those questions and offer a from-the-ground-up defense for the view that Christian doctrine comes from …

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Standards & Ordnung

Anabaptists have a distinctive set of beliefs based on our plain reading of Scripture. However, many Anabaptist churches, especially those that are considered Conservative Anabaptist (see the definition in this article), have church standards (called Ordnung by the Amish) over and above the New Testament requirements. Sometimes these are written rules; sometimes they are unwritten. …

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Two Kingdoms & Separation From the World—a Defense

The essence of Anabaptism, and our most defining belief, is probably the doctrine of the two kingdoms, or the related doctrine of “separation from the world.” Basically all our distinctive beliefs flow from this doctrine, which was also held by the early church up until Constantine. In this article, I will give a defense for …

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