Lynn Martin

Lynn Martin, editor, is a poet, writer, organizer, and a committed Anabaptist. He edits for the Curator and writes for Think Truth. He grew up steeped in an Anabaptist heritage, and loved it. As he grew older, he became more critical of Anabaptist churches, but after wrestling with the essence of Christianity, he came to a deep appreciation for the way Anabaptists had revitalized the faith that the apostles held two thousand years ago. He also came to love and appreciate Anabaptists themselves, with all their strengths and their flaws. He serves as a deacon at Chambersburg Christian Fellowship.

Anabaptist Prayers

Anabaptist prayers are typically not scripted, but often run along the same lines, due to generations of caring about the same things. You’ll hear similar phrases showing up in many of the same types of prayers, but usually each person who prays has their own phrases that mean something especially to them or that they …

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