Lynn Martin

Lynn Martin is a poet, writer, organizer, and a committed Anabaptist. He grew up steeped in an Anabaptist heritage, and loved it. As he grew older, he became more critical of Anabaptist churches, but after wrestling with the essence of Christianity, he came to a deep appreciation for the way Anabaptists had revitalized the faith that the apostles held two thousand years ago. He also came to love and appreciate Anabaptists themselves, with all their strengths and their flaws. He is a committed member and servant of Chambersburg Christian Fellowship:

Did Saints Like John Chrysostom Venerate Icons? How Did It Arise?

This article is the fifth (and last) in a series in which I evaluate the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox practice of iconodulia—veneration of images. In previous articles, I looked at the evidence predating 313, when Constantine began to favor Christianity. This article will discuss the evidence that comes after. Here are the posts in …

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How to Weigh Evidence

When trying to find out what the early Christians believed, we deal with multiple kinds of historical evidence. Our goal is to properly weigh the evidence that we have, so that we come to the correct conclusion as to what they believed. The evidence that we’re dealing with are mostly written texts. We have letters, …

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Key Definitions

Some of the terms Anabaptists use aren’t familiar to non-Anabaptists. Also, some of the terms I’m using on this site aren’t widely understood. So this post is meant to include short, understandable definitions of the terms as I use them. If any of these definitions aren’t clear enough, please let me know. Terms Used by …

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