Anabaptist Faith | Apologetics for the historic faith

Welcome! This website is a search for the historic Christian faith in an Anabaptist fashion. I’m offering a biblically and historically sound framework that Anabaptists can use to better understand their faith.

What are the teachings of the historic faith?
Explanations of and apologetics for the doctrines and practices.
Who are the Anabaptists?
Do their teachings align with the historic faith?
Are Catholic and Protestant doctrines true?
Evaluating the evidence.

Arguing Like Apollos

I’m engaged in apologetics, which is an attempt to defend the truth. One of the faults of apologetics can be that the apologist can stop searching for truth and end up defending what isn’t fully true. To counteract that, I try to be like Apollos (Acts 18:24-28), who defended what he thought was true, until he was corrected by those who knew better than he did, when he began to defend the actual truth with the same zeal.

On this site, I evaluate the best evidence for each view of Christianity. I defend what I think is true against other views, so that I can evaluate whether it actually is worth defending. If it is, I stick to it. If it isn’t, I follow the view that is truer. So this site is my honest assessment of what I think is true, and I would love to hear from you if you have evidence I’ve missed.

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